Tailgating – Indiana

Where To Be

Memorial Stadium is located on the northwest corner of campus and is surrounded by plenty of paved and grassy lots for visting fans and season ticket holders. Visiting fans can park and tailgate in one of the many grass lots that surround the south east and north side of the stadium. Unlike other schools, the visitor/general public parking is extremely close to the stadium and right in the thick of the action. Most of the grassy lots provide ample space to set up your tailgate, and shady trees if it’s still summer time. Head to campus early and tailgate wherever you park.

No-Hassle Tailgates

IU offers all-inclusive tailgate packages for fans looking to just enjoy gameday. To plan your tailgate party, call IU Sports Properties at (317) 262-2216 ext. 2063. IU does all the heavy lifting including:

* Game Tickets
* Tents
* Tables and Chairs
* Catering – everything from brats and burgers to chicken and ribs
* Cleanup

Family Friendly Tailgating

Fans looking for a more family friendly area can head to Knothole Park, located in the South Endzone of Memorial Stadium. Knothole Park will open 90 minutes prior to kick-off. Admission to Knothole Park is free (with game ticket) and will feature games, face tattoo’s, and ability to interact with other IU Varsity Sports Teams.

Tailgating Rules & Regulations

Indiana University Athletics welcomes students, faculty-staff, alumni and guests to enjoy gameday festivities and tailgating. The following policies are designed to ensure the comfort, safety and enjoyment of everyone:

Grass Lots of 17th St

* Parking in the Grass Lots south of 17th Street is restricted to cars, vans, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles only. Large trucks, RVs, buses, and other oversized vehicles will not be admitted to the Grass Lots and will be assigned to alternate lots.

Tailgating Space

* The instructions of parking lot attendants are to be followed. Only one space per car is permitted.
* Erecting canopies directly in front of or behind vehicles will be permitted, as long as traffic is not impeded or additional parking spaces are not taken. Tents and large tarps are not permitted.

Trailers & Mobile Grills

* Trailer, grills, or other vehicle attachments are not permitted unless they are approved by an Indiana University caterer.
* Couches, large indoor or outdoor furniture, and large sound systems are not permitted.


* Kegs are not permitted unless approved by an official Indiana University caterer. Underage consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted under Indiana State Law.
* For safety reasons, consumption of all beverages should be from plastic cups/plastic bottles. Glass bottles are prohibited.

These parking lots are reserved for those attending the football game, and patrons who enter these lots are expected to have game tickets. Any tailgate activities are expected to conclude within ten minutes after kickoff.

If you need assistance in any way, please contact the nearest parking lot attendant, an Indiana University Police Department officer or a member of any other law enforcement agency who is assisting in our parking lots.